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Paloozoo Points

Paloozoo Points allows you to earn points while having fun. Please note the charity drawing will be discontinued after September 30th, 2017.

Multiple Types of Content


Paloozoo’s Review feature allows you to share and receive opinions about experiences like restaurants, travel, movies, plays, and more within your chosen group or network. You’ll have a greater level of confidence in the information because it comes from a trusted group handpicked by you.


Paloozoo’s Socialize feature gives you the ability to choose the friends and family members you wish to communicate with. No more third-party posts or games will interfere with your social media experiences. You are totally in charge.

Garage Sale

Paloozoo’s Garage Sale feature provides a free, easy means to sell or dispose of items you no longer want or need. You choose whether to market to your chosen network of friends and family or post to the entire Paloozoo community.

Help Me

Paloozoo’s Help Me feature allows you to seek or provide assistance to those within your group, network or the entire Paloozoo community, providing a spirit of comradery, helping others and enhancing lives.


Paloozoo’s List feature is designed to be a fun way to browse lists from your network or all of Paloozoo. Tips about great books, authors, dining experiences, music, travel destinations, and many more, will come from the groups you trust or you can open it up to all of the Paloozoo community. You decide.

What I love about Paloozoo is I can block content I don’t want to see. And with the state of politics today, trust me, this is a wonderful thing!”

- Emma S.

Content Controls

Categories and Keywords

Unlike other social media sites, Paloozoo doesn’t filter the content you see. We give you the ability to block content from each individual member of your network or you can choose to block content based on specific keywords, up to a maximum of 10.

Advanced Search


Even on Social Content

With Paloozoo’s search functionality, you may easily select content by using keywords, individuals, post types and many more.

Rich Text Editing

By using bold, underlines, italics and other options, you have the ability to make your posts even more expressive than on other social media sites.